Tuesday, March 16, 2010

original art for sale

I put up a bunch of pages from Stories Vol. 1 up for sale over at comicartcollective.com.
All pages are 11" x 14", india ink on bristol.
Check 'em out.


Leopold Stotch said...


Just wanted to drop you a note.
Been buying/reading your comics for a few years now, and while I really love all the hilarious cynical work ('fat pants' comes to mind), 'The Green Umbrella' and 'Expecting' however were unexpectedly touching.
Keep up the great work man.


PS By just a few visual clues I can totally tell that 'Expecting' takes place in Silverlake, just off Sunset.
(Unless I'm totally wrong of course.)
Where is the 'old apartment' btw?

Martin said...

hey butters - thanks for reading! Yup, it's Silver Lake alright. Special prize if you can find the old apt. I edited the neighboring buildings somewhat.